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Fire detection systems and fire alarm installation
We have undergone extensive and rigorous training in order to become approved suppliers of the UK’s leading manufacturers of commercial fire detection systems, including Notifier, Ziton and Advanced Electronics.

Their fire detection systems are amongst the best in the UK and can only be supplied through approved providers such as ourselves. We have supplied, installed, commissioned, and certified countless commercial fire detection systems all over the UK, and provide ongoing maintenance and emergency callouts to keep them in full working order.

Fire Detection Systems
Supplying the only best equipment

Addressable Fire Detection Systems

These highly intelligent commercial fire detection systems provide the ultimate in fire detection.

We can programme addressable fire detection systems to do virtually anything you need them to do, from closing fire doors, opening smoke vents, grounding lifts, BMS signalling, gas valve closing, to releasing access controlled doors, and calling the emergency services. The location of the fire can be immediately pinpointed to the exact location, leaving individuals in no doubt as to where exactly in the building the fire has started.

We supply and install Notifier by Honeywell fire detection systems, Ziton and Advanced Electronics and work closely with our clients to determine the best commercial fire detection system for them, that can be programmed to meet their specific requirements.

Conventional Fire Detection Systems

For smaller organisations or premises who do not need the full capabilities of an addressable system, a conventional fire detection system is often adequate.

Conventional systems highlight the zone that the fire has broken out in, which is perfectly adequate in smaller premises and offers a more cost-effective solution than an addressable fire detection system.

Air Sampling Fire Detection Systems

These highly sensitive systems provide a warning upon sensing the slightest trace of smoke.

The earlier a warning occurs, the quicker action can be taken to prevent the fire from progressing, limiting the amount of damage.

Air sampling fire detection systems are much more sensitive than traditional point detectors and are popular in cold storage areas, computer rooms, data centres and large storage areas. We work with the UK’s leading manufacturers of air sampling fire detection systems including Xtralis (Vesda), Wagner and FAAST as we only supply high quality, reliable and durable products.

Disabled Refuge System

We pride ourselves on providing the best systems and service to our customers, and so we only work with the best manufacturer of disabled refuge systems in the UK – Baldwin Boxall.

They are at the forefront of research and development and provide quality systems that have been relied upon by companies all over the world. We take full responsibility for supplying, installing, and commissioning disabled refuge systems and firmly believe in the quality and safety of their products.

Disabled refuge systems are useful in a wide variety of buildings, from office and retail premises to warehouse facilities and educational establishments. They provide two-way communication between a refuge area and the control panel operator during an emergency situation, such as a fire or evacuation. The control panel operator can liaise with the individuals in the refuge area to reassure them, assess what help they need in exiting the building, and then summon that help, keeping the individuals updated. 

System Maintenance
Regular maintenance is essential to keep your equipment in full working order.

We’ll schedule in regular maintenance checks, in line with British Standards and manufacturer recommendations, to ensure everything is working as it should, and to make sure that any potential issues are addressed immediately.

We are also on hand 24/7 every day of the year to respond to any urgent concerns or faults that may arise. All out of hour’s calls are directed through our dedicated call station for your peace of mind. We pride ourselves on our impressive reputation for excellent customer service and always aim to have an engineer on your premises within 4 hours of your call.

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